[A paper on truthmakers and necessity]
Epistemology workshop organized at Northeastern University. April 5-7, 2024


[A paper on truthmakers and modality]
Truthmaker semantics and related approaches at NYU Florence. June 5-7, 2023


[A paper on truthmakers and epistemic necessity]
Introduction to Truthmaker Semantics (Kit Fine) at NYU. October 27, 2022
Hammond Society weekly colloquium. April, 2022


Counterfactuals, hyperintensionality and Hurford disjunctions
SemanticsBabble at University of California, San Diego. May 18, 2021
Philosophy of Language Seminar (Matt Mandelkern) at NYU. May 6, 2021
Hammond Society weekly colloquium. April 16, 2021
Semantics Research Seminar (Paul Marty, Jacopo Romoli & Yasu Sudo) at UCL. March 26, 2021


Truthmaker semantics for indicative conditionals
Truthmaker Semantics Conference at Hamburg University. July 29-31, 2019

Substitution of equivalents and conditionals: road to hyperintensionality
Hammond Society weekly colloquium. April 26, 2019

Le triomphe de Marat by Louis-Léopold Boilly (1794)